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My name’s Saleh Sokhandan, an artist or an engineer! I cannot say for sure which one exactly, but I’m mad keen on designing and creating. I try to discover new experiences. During these years, I’ve spent lots of time studying, researching, and designing optical illusion artworks, and still do. Nowadays, I’m mostly known for my artworks under the nickname of “Mr. Opart”.

Museums of

Optical Illusion

Roya Park

Tehran Optical Illusion Museum is named “Roya Park”. In this theme park, there are a number of artworks, ranging from 3D paintings to halls of mirrors, from infinity rooms to multi-dimensional sculptures, from gravity rooms to blacklight paintings. This is admittedly unprecedented to bring this wide-ranging collection of techniques and artworks altogether.

Upside Down House (Coming Soon...)

An attractive theme park in the west of Tehran that will surprise the visitors.

Illusiona (Coming Soon...)

A complex theme park with various optical illusion artworks and selfie rooms. you will find some nice occasions of photography in illusiona.

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